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Zen Bistro – It’s my birthday and I’ll eat in an empty restaurant if I want to!

Brian says:

I eat dinner on my birthday. I eat dinner every other night too, but especially on my birthday. So this year, we wanted to try somewhere we had never been before. We took to the magic google box and performed what they call in the biz a “search”. We came up with Zen Bistro located in the dazzling food / entertainment / fitness / karate district of Westchase.

Here’s what I can gladly tell you about this place. If you live close to the Zen Bistro, go there and go there often. The food is good and reasonably priced, and they have some unique takes on some of the more common items on the typical sushi menu. And you can’t go wrong on a Tuesday if you like hand rolls and saki…$2 each. However, if you have to go out of your way to go to this place and you’re looking for something different, then this might not be the stop for you. It’s your typical sushi restaurant with cool guy lighting and trancy music and a less than interested wait staff. You’ve been to this restaurant….even if you haven’t been to THIS restaurant.

That being said, wife lady and I split 2 rolls and a pad thai. We had “The Heat”, which was one of their special rolls which was really good and had some kick to it. Definitely gave me some burny mouth. Burny mouth is a serious medical condition which can only be cured by wishing on the broken fin of a mermaid. We had another roll which was significantly less memorable, because at this point I can honestly say I can’t remember what it was called. The chicken pad thai was awesome and had I known it was going to be such a large portion, I would have brought my other wives to help. Just kidding only wife. If you prefer a beverage besides battery acid pine sol cocktail (Saki), I had the Sapporo. It’s one of my favorite beers and I’m always thrilled to see it at any restaurant. If you’re not drinking this beer on the regular, I’d suggest getting on that.

If you take anything from the nonsense above, let it be this. If you find yourself near this restaurant, go there. If you are not near this restaurant, go to the nearest sushi place. You won’t know the difference.


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  1. Great review and great writing, more please!!!


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